About Karakal

Karakal Origins

The Karakal brand originated in Belgium in 1978 and was the property of SPGS Dendermonde Belgium. The Founder was Roger Vercambre who sadly died in Belgium on 30th May 2015, Roger will be sadly missed by all. Rest in Peace Roger (18th October 1945 - 30th may 2015).

The Karakal brand mark was used on shoes, rackets and clothing. Karakal UK started distributing in the UK in 1981 and in 1985 purchased the rights to the UK & Ireland. In 1991 a new company was formed called Karakal Worldwide Ltd and the rights to the rest of the world were purchased.

The original Karakal logo was a Lynx, but in 2002 the logo was changed. Starting with the Turkish translation of Karakal, meaning 'Black Ear', and the fact that KARAKAL has three 'A's, it was decided to use the outside pair as 'Black Ears' and exaggerate the centre 'A' with a dot below, which can be interpreted as a ball or shuttlecock. The new name logo and the 'A' ball give instantly recognisable brand marks that continue the Karakal ethos of quality and value for money that the original Karakal Lynx stood for.

Karakal Worldwide Distributors are active in over 55 countries and still specialise in racket sports equipment.

Karakal Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide our customers with superior quality racket sport products and the very best in innovative ideas, design and technology. We aim to constantly advance our products through listening to our customers' requirements and developing new technologies to cater for them. We call this Evolution by Design. Our company tries to exceed our customers' expectations of product quality, service and expertis.

What is a Karakal?

  • Name: Karakal meaning 'Black Ear' - derived from the Turkish translation.
  • Habitat: Africa, Arabia, Southwest Asia, Turkey, India & Bristol.
  • Related Species: Closest relatives are Bobcats and Lynx.
  • Senses: Like most cats the Karakal has keen eyesight and very sensitive hearing.
  • Colour: Varies according to the locality but is usually sandy to reddish brown above and white below. Fur is exceptionally dense to keep out extreme cold at night.
  • Distinguishing Features: The Karakal's ear tufts serve as camouflage as they resemble the tips of grass, it sometimes lowers the ears as an aggressive signal.
  • Average Weight: 16-23 kilos
  • Balance: Purrfect
  • Length: 55-75 cm
  • Height: 40-45 cm
  • Tension: Highly Strung