Karakal Graphite Handle

Karakal have now perfected the revolutionary Karakal Graphite Handle System.

This system, along with the Karakal FastFibre Carbon layup represents a considerable financial and play-time testing investment with the help of professional Badminton players including Karakal ambasadore Ethan Rose.

All rackets made from Karakal FastFibre Graphite carry the distinctive FF logo at the top of the frame and return to shape 10% faster than conventional graphite rackets, producing more power with less effort.

A traditional Wooden handled graphite frame will have a Torque deflection of around 15 degrees, and a conventional graphite handle graphite frame will have a torque deflection of around 7 to 10 degrees. The unique FastFibre moulded graphite handle, with a central spine to support the handle, will control and reduce Torque deflection to between 3 to 5 degrees, making our frames the most accurate when off centre shuttle strikes occur.

One piece advanced badminton frames utilising the Karakal Graphite Handle System and Karakal's FastFibre Carbon are typically lighter, stronger and benefit from 50% reduced torque, which allows for flatter, straighter, more controlled shots. In fact, everything you would expect from the state-of-the-art Karakal Badminton Frame Range.