Karakal Profile, Justin Andrews

karakal Justin Andrews

Justin Andrews started playing badminton at the tender age of 12 and is still going strong 3 decades later!

From his early days as part of the England Junior set up to the current number 1 ranking on the over 45's Masters Circuit, Justin has enjoyed a lifetime in Badminton. He reminisces "I remember people using wooden rackets, which just can't compare with the modern Karakal rackets I use today, and over thirty years later I'm travelling the world playing on the Masters Circuit".

Recently Justin has competed in the UK, India, Denmark and Sweden, playing in singles, men's doubles, and mixed doubles. "After a three day tournament my body does take longer to recover than it used to" he admits "but I love competing, and still have goals to try and achieve. The World and European Championships are held every other year and change location depending on which country bids for them. You have to get results in domestic events to get selected and is great playing in different countries".

  • Best advice received? "You will not win every time you play and you should learn when things don't go your way as well as in victory. You will be judged in the way you behave in both success and defeat so you can still be a winner when you lose".
  • Random fact about you? "I used to own and fly a hot air balloon".