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Karakal Hot Zone 127 Braided Racketball String

Karakal Hot Zone 127 Braided Racketball String

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The Karakal Hot Zone 127 is a braided, multifilament string has been specially developed for Racketball and Squash 57.

Construction: Braided Powerful Micro Multifilaments wrap the high tensile Multifilament Core delivering notably increased Power while maintaining tension and performance in the string bed. The Braided Texture feels great to string and gives you the edge 'to deliver more cut on the ball'. The Nano Elastomer Resin coating enhances feel and durability.

Karakal Nano Technology: offers a revolution in String manufacturing. Adding 'nano' particles at a molecular level changes the cell construction and instantly improves the feel and durability of the string.

Player Profile: Players looking for Ultimate Control, with Cutting Edge Power Assist.

  • High Tensile Multifilament Core
  • Powerful Braided Multifilament Layer
  • Durable Nano Elastomer Coating
  • 1.27mm Diameter
  • Also available as a 110M Coil
  • Colour - Black
  • Can also be used for Squash Rackets
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