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Karakal Air Touch 2.1 Squash Racket

Karakal Air Touch 2.1 Squash Racket

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The Karakal Air Touch Squash Racket is based on our T Series frames. This is a simplified version of the Karakal T-120 and maintains the 4 Graphite nodes around the frame to help smooth out vibration, increase stiffness and provide more power and control.

Racket Specifications:

Each Karakal Air series frame have their own colourway, but still follow the same style of design which has been deliberately kept very simple, enabling us to provide you with a high-performance squash racket at a great price!

The Air Touch has a 120-gram frame weight, so if you love the T series frames, but they are a little out of your price range, this could be the racket for you.

The shaft design is also from the T-120, with the A Power shaft and reinforced power shaft helping lateral stability and reducing torque from off centre hits. However, the balance of this racket differs slightly from its counterpart, with a balance point at 365mm and a compact midsize head that is fast through the air.

All Karakal Air Series Squash Rackets are constructed with High Modulus naked Air Graphite and finished with a Karakal PU Super Grip.

All Karakal Air rackets come with a 100% recyclable Full Bag Eco Cover, made with soft eco-friendly fleece material.

Karakal Technologies featured in the Karakal Air Touch 2.1 Squash Racket

  • Karakal Air Graphite
  • Octagonal Graphite Handle
  • Crystal Clear Grommet
  • Karakal Hot Zone Braided 120 String
  • Karakal No 1 PU Super Grip
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