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Karakal Edge 66 Badminton String

Karakal Edge 66 Badminton String

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The Karakal Edge 66 is a braided multifilament badminton string that delivers extreme power and control.

The super fine compressed core construction, braided with XHT microfibres and bonded with Nano elastomer resin gives the Karakal Edge 66 Badminton String unmatched power, control and feel.

Available in three vivid colours, this string is perfect for hard hitting players who demand a powerful, responsive and durable badminton string.

Karakal Nano Technology has provided a revolution in badminton string manufacture. Adding 'nano' sized particles at a molecular level changes the cell construction and instantly improves the feel and durability of Karakal strings.

  • Braided multifilament string
  • High tenacity central core
  • Anti-abrasive Nano coating
  • Multi directional high modulus fibres
  • Guage: 0.66mm Diameter
  • Length: 10M
  • Available in 3 colours
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