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Karakal Hot Zone Control 130 String

Karakal Hot Zone Control 130 String

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Whether you play Racketball or Tennis, the Karakal Hot Zone Control 130 String can help you to take your game to the next level.

The Hot Zone Control 130 is made with a Hi-Tensile Microfibre Core, which provides strength and durability, and a Co Polymer Central Core, which helps improve control and feel.

With a diameter of 1.3mm, the string is available in two colors, Fluorescent Yellow and Gold, which can help customize the look of your racket, whilst the set length of 12 meters gives you plenty of product to work with.

The PA6 Monofilament material used in the string provides additional durability and resistance to abrasions.

Its Nano Gel Textured Coating helps to provide extra grip and control on the ball. This coating can help you to generate more spin and accuracy in your shots.

Overall, the Karakal Hot Zone Control 130 String is a great option for players who are looking for a high-quality string that provides durability, control, and spin.

  • Available in 2 colours, Fluorescent Yellow and Gold
  • Hi-Tensile Microfibre Core
  • Co Polymer Central Core
  • PA6 Monofilament
  • Nano Gel Textured Coating
  • Set Length 12M
  • 1.3mm Diameter
  • Use for Racketball and Tennis
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