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Karakal SuperPro Court Shoe

Karakal SuperPro Court Shoe

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The Karakal SuperPro indoor court shoe has several benefits that make it an excellent choice for those who play indoor sports.

The shoe features a high wear microfiber toe cap that provides durability and protection for the toes during quick movements and stops. This is especially important on indoor courts, where the playing surface can be unforgiving.

The asymmetric lace system with built-in tongue, ensures a secure, comfortable fit with exceptional lateral stability and reduced foot roll on sideways movement.

The SuperPro has a high strength 3D heel cup that provides additional support and stability to the foot, which is essential for quick movements and changes of direction on the court.

A new four-part 4G SuperGel impact comfort insole is designed to be a shock absorber providing superior cushioning and support, helping to reduce the impact of high-intensity movements on the feet and joints.

The SuperPro features a strong microfibre upper with TPU stability that provides durability and strategic support for the foot, while also allowing breathability and comfort during play to meet the expectations of high performance players.

The shoe's shock-absorbing Phylon midsole is engineered to maximise cushioning and support, helping to reduce the impact of hard landings and sudden movements on the feet and joints.

Finally, the Karakal SuperPro has an extra tacky gum rubber sole, with control grooves ensures maximum grip and traction, keeping your feet securely planted on the court, helping to prevent slips and improving agility.

  • High Wear Microfiber toe cap
  • Asymmetric lace system with built in tongue
  • High strength 3D heel cup
  • New four part 4G SuperGel impact comfort insole
  • Strong microfibre upper
  • Shock absorbing Phylon midsole
  • TPU stability foot support
  • Extra tacky gum rubber sole with control grooves
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